The Importance of Intuition in Life, Work and Total Wellness

As a Wellness Coach, when teaming with my clients, I actively listen, collect data, use my intellect and often most importantly pay attention to my gut instinct or intuition. Intuition is a potent inner wisdom that goes beyond the linear mind. I use my intuitive abilities to complement hard science and my medical background to develop a wellness treatment plan best suited to that particular client. By exercising this blend, I can offer my clients the best of both worlds. Why is intuition so important? Who really believes this stuff? In recent years, the worth of intuition has been recognized more and more in general business and leadership. The Harvard Business Review indicates that nearly half of corporate executives now rely on instinct instead of just facts and figures to run their companies. Forbes magazine calls intuition “the golden gut.” Luminaries from Conrad Hilton to Bill Gates to Oprah have declared it essential for success. In fact, Donald Trump has stated “I’ve built a multibillion-dollar empire by using my intuition.” Intuition is our universal legacy, a language that everyone can learn. I often teach my clients how to listen to what their gut tells them. Never underestimate the power of your intuition. Take time out to slow down and listen to your inner voice. Exercise, spiritual practice, Yoga , and meditation are great ways to develop your intuition. Often times the answers you seek are already there, hidden just behind the noise of daily life.

About Kim Ruggierio, CWC

Hello. My name is Kim Ruggierio and I am owner of Wellness Begins Here, LLC. I am a Certified Wellness Coach, Fitness Trainer, and Certified Reiki Master. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Physiology & Wellness, and I am affiliated with The American College of Sports Medicine. I've had the pleasure of coaching competitive athletes and weight loss/fitness clients for more than 20 years. I have provided health and wellness information, guidance, and motivation to men, women and children, the elderly, and medically involved clients of all ages and gender. I hold a current CPR Certification and I'm insured to work with clients throughout the United States and abroad.
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